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Default Re: X crashes systematically at startup (Ubuntu 11.10, 8800M GTX/G92M)

@apriori Good question. OpenSolaris derivatives also work fine with recent drivers.

I see several possible explanations:

1.- The Linux drivers are different (buggier?) in some way.

2.- I think that the xserver versions in both FreeBSD and OpenSolaris are older than those in any up-to-date Linux distro (including Debian Stable).

3.- The problem is in the Linux kernel.

4.- The problem is in the BIOS. I disassembled the DSDT and there are Linux-specific options (but not specific options for other UNIXes). However, removing those options does not solve the problem...

My guess is that it could be a mixture of 4 and 3. The Linux kernel normally contains workarounds to deal with buggy BIOSes (the BIOS developers tend not to care about bugs as far as the system works with Windows and even quite often bugs are introduced on purpose to workaround Windows bugs). When those Linux kernel workarounds are removed from the kernel certain older machines become unstable under Linux.
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