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Default Restarted my machine, now suddenly NOTHING works with my GTX670?

After about 2.5 hours of frustration so far, I consult the assistance of all you geniuses.

Running Mint 13 MATE edition, using an MSi NVidia GTX670 with four monitors. Using the nvidia-current drivers available from Mint's repository, configured by the nvidia-settings applet. The way it was running, each monitor was a separate x screen. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears to make everything work the way it's supposed to in the first place (so much that I even came close to giving up and going to Windows... getting the nvidia drivers to work alongside compiz was the really fun part), but it's been running like a top for a good six or seven weeks now.

Until today. For some reason, my machine froze. Couldn't get it to do anything. So I powered it off and back on again. Suddenly, it wouldn't boot. Tried a few times, but the furthest I'd get was a blinking line. I noticed that when I tried to boot through recovery, it was getting hung up on something involving PCI, so I pulled the graphics card, plugged into the onboard card, and sure enough it decided to boot into the OS. From there I re-installed the nvidia-current drivers from my terminal, turned off the machine, plugged the GTX670 back into the board, and turned on the machine again with all the monitors connected. At this point, it got past the blinking line and did boot into the OS (I think), but I got no video output. The monitors were on, meaning they were receiving signal, but only displayed blank screens. So I shut the machine off, unplugged all but one monitor from the GTX670, and turned it back on again. This time I got video, so I went into nvidia-settings to find out what may be wrong. Didn't notice anything odd, so I plugged in another monitor, hit 'detect displays', and it showed me that there was another monitor connected. So I enabled that monitor, set the resolution, and hit apply. No dice. It gives me an error message that says not all the settings can be applied because of various reasons, one of which includes 'an x screen has been added'.

Saving my configuration to the xorg.conf file via the nvidia-settings applet makes no difference, because no matter how many times I hit apply, nothing changes. Additionally, if I try to restart the x server manually using ctrl+alt+backspace, nothing happens. Some research into this led me to try ctrl+alt+f7, and that does something, but all I end up with is a big red screen and another reason to reset my machine.

Suspecting there might be something wrong with my xorg.conf file, I opened the file with gedit to see if I could make any changes as per online recommendations. But when I open xorg.conf, it's completely blank. This leads me to believe something has become FUBAR for no evident reason, but maybe someone can pull me out of this mess and get everything back the way it was?

Only thing I've installed recently that might have something to do with this is pulseaudio-equalizer.

Please help!
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