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Default Terribly slow FPS in glxguears with 304.37 driver

Just tried driver 304.37 on Debian "Squeeze" 32bit - GeForce 210

Everything worked well except I always like to launch glxgears as a tool to test all is well (like not too low FPS), I never use it as a real tool for precision testing, just for basic checking that acceleration is working ok, but I did notice the FPS were like really low this time:

With previous 295.71 I get like 16700 Frames per each 5 seconds
With newer 304.37 I got like 300 Frames per every 5 seconds.

So I went back to previous version.

Anyway, as I said, glxgears should never be considered an optimal tool for measuring FPS but for sure something must be wrong right?

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