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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Sadly, the just-released 304.37 release does not fix the problem (though I think according to the release notes it is supposed to). The symptoms are slightly different, but X still locks up completely and requires a cold boot.

I didn't actually see the "GPU has fallen off the bus" message (or any Xid errors) in the log, but the video did freeze after about a minute of gameplay in Crysis2 (the audio kept going, though), and when I tried to close its window, its bumblebee X process froze, locking the main X shortly afterwards. I *was* able to ssh into the machine, which is new, but I was unable to kill -9 any of the locked processes, and restarting lightdm failed, as did a reboot command. Only a hard reset fixed it. fwiw, I was running the 3.6-rc1 kernel.
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