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Default Re: X crashes systematically at startup (Ubuntu 11.10, 8800M GTX/G92M)

I think, we can rule out 4., the ACPI part of the BIOS. Completely deactivating ACPI does not change anything about the problem. Some official statement about 1) would be nice. Are there major differences in the drivers or do both of them just use the same path? I mean, just interfacing with the kernel, no device specific hacks/quirks? I know at least, that the linux kernel is full of device specific quirks (and they are needed).

2) Is hard to say... since the damn Xorg ABI will prevent proper multi version testing.

I think the only chance we have from our side, is to compare the chipset drivers in FreeBSD kernels with the one in the linux kernel. I may be a programer, but that is not exactly my area of expertise.
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