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Default Re: Video tearing with GNOME 3.x

Originally Posted by mirak63 View Post
This is like more than 3 years that there is tearing when the composite extension is enabled in Xorg.
THis is just horrible on a 46" flat screen.
This is 3 years that I complain about that and filed bug reports.
And this is like 3 years that I have given up try to run 3d desktops like compiz and that I have this in my config file :

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"

Now Unity work like crap without gpu acceleration, and gnome doesn't even work without gpu acceleration.

They just ruined Gnome, it's useless now.
Blame the original Compiz that used client-side vsync-waiting and dirty rectangles. Now everyone thinks that it's a good idea and has copied the code directly into their own compositors (KDE) or come up with their own implementation with the same general concept (Clutter).

Hopefully, hopefully, Wayland won't go down this same path. At least with client windows communicating with the compositor, not GLX directly, for buffer flips, the race condition will be gone, and the problem will at least be alleviated somewhat.
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