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Default Strange flickering with 304.37 driver when using Gnome Shell

I noticed a strange screen flickering when using the 304.37 driver with Gnome Shell.

I'm not sure what triggers the behaviour but it looks to me as the graphic card is having problems with the antialisaing as if for some frames it's off and for others it is on. Moving the mouse to the top bar (the one that says Applications in Gnome Shell) also triggers the effect. The problem is also visible when I open NVIDIA X Server Settings App and when I go to the X Server Color Correction tab. The graphic showing the curve for the settings is normaly drawn with white pixels. When this "flickering" occurs, the pixels that the curve/line is drawn with, turn grey.

I know that I hav to provide the debuging information, but as I'm middle of a working on some project, i don't have time installing 304.37 driver again so that i can create the report. But if no one else has the problem, I'll post one in two or three days.

Before anyone asks, this is not a LCD monitor failure problem, as reversing to the 295.57 driver fixes the problem. Although at first, I did think that my LCD monitor is starting to fail.

I'm using Ubunru 12.04, with X Updates ppa, and the 304.37 driver was installed from source (from NVidia linux driver page). I'll give it another try with the 304.37 drivers from the X Updates PPA, as I just noticed that they are put in the build queue for that repository as I'm writing this report.

My graphic card is GeForce GT 240.
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