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Default HDMI is not working at all on my laptop

Hello everybody,

I'v been trying to get my laptop to work with my hdmi outpout on my hdtv, and with or without the nvidia driver, no luck.
In order to skip the basic questions here is what i did and what worked:
the laptop is a hp g-60 with a geforce 8200 mg , it works perfectly on win7 image and sound. So not an hardware issue here.
if i use a live boot with ubuntu or mint i get an image on the hdtv screen (not exactly the good screen size but it works),but no sound.
if i use the nouveau driver, nothing.
if i use the latest nvidia driver the hdtv is detected but no matter what i do no image on the screen, but it is beaving like it think it is actually sending an image on the tv.
I tried all the drivers that are avalable on the 12.04, 11.10, 11.04, and also i think the 10.10.
The only time i got a result, only image, was on a 9x version that did not had sound support yet.

I thought that with time, the updates of the 12.04 ubuntu would resolved my problem, but im still not getting results, so maybe you have the nowledge to give me a hand here, i really don't no wath to do next.
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