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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Originally Posted by rockob View Post
I have found that the severity of the crashes varies - at first it seems that only the application graphics have locked up, but after time other things start to fail. And if I try to kill the hung task, X often locks up. In any case, the kernel can't reboot without a hard reset.

And 304.37 seems much worse than its predecessors for this bug, particulary with kernel 3.6-rc2. I can barely get 30 seconds into crysis2 or cod mw3 before it crashes. Increasing the priority of the wine task doesn't help any more, either.
Well, I would not be surprised if beta/rc kernels causes problems. I'm running 304.37 on a stable kernel, and it seems to be more stable than the older ones (<304.37), in the sense that the crash is less severe.

Anyway, it is not fixed. It would be nice if we could get some pointers, like, is there a diagnostics tool we could use to help the resolution of this bug? Is there some tests we can make? nvidia options? X org flags? optirun flags?
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