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Question 295 -> 304, triple lcd setup config, help [SOLVED]

Okay, with 295.33 right now I have 3 x 1200*1600 (rotated left) screens. The KDE bar is at the bottom of the left-most screen. It is entirely configured as :0, and kwin wm is aware of 3 screens (can maximize to each, it doesn't place new windows across screen borders, etc.)

(Note that I'm using a 550Ti + 6200TC so I have to use's xinerama, and don't get and 3D acceleration. That's all fine as this is a programming machine.)

When I tried 304.37, first I had to add metamode lines to get rotation back. But the problem then was that the 2 left screens (on the 550Ti) got combined into a single large 2400x1600 screen (judging by the behavior of kwin, and the KDE panel started spanning the two left screens, placing windows right in the middle of the screen split, etc.)

How do I configure 3 screens with 304 such that kwin/xinerama is aware of 3 screens like 295? I've attached my original and hacked xorg.conf files. Thanks!
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