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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Iesos, are you running using bumblebee and wine? Over at the bumblebee forum they suggested that in order to rule out bumblebee/virtualgl that I try opening another program with optirun so that there's an Xorg server running on display :8, and then running the game in demo mode, sending the output directly to :8 by exporting DISPLAY=:8 first. But I'm having trouble getting crysis2 to run in its benchmark mode (missing dlls) and in any case doing it this way you can't interact with the program at all, so I can't click the first messagebox that asks me if it's OK to keep running with my graphics card. So if you're using bumblebee and wine, are you able to try running a demo to see if it still crashes?

It doesn't matter whether I run with the 3.6-rc2 kernel or the stable 3.5.2 kernel, nvidia always crashes and X seems to remain stable until you try to kill the nvidia process or launch another X program.
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