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Default Re: 295 -> 304, triple lcd setup config, please help

Sorry I solved this already by commenting out "ConnectedMonitor" and "UseDisplayDevice" in each Device section. Driver 304.37 doesn't seem to need those hints, or the CustomEDID either for the 6200TC card now.

update 1: This 304 driver seems to stutter a lot, which 295 doesn't do. The 3rd screen on the 6200TC is really choppy. The mouse cursor looks like 8 fps. Lol okay, moving the mouse on the left hand screens is 2% cpu usage, but the right screen (6200TC) is 55% usage!!! (On a 3.6GHz quad core.) Hrm, it also messes up many of the fonts, how weird. Ah, comparing the log files, it calculated the DPI really weird (unsquare) complaining about 1600x900 oddly. Reverted the driver, oh well.

update 2: Okay, easy enough to solve the DPI thing with Option DPI. The 3rd screen only performs badly when rotated with 304, and it affects the other two screens with momentary pauses.
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