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Default 6200TC: huge perf drop from 295 to 304 when rotated [SOLVED with $$$]

When using a 1600x1200 screen rotated left (6200TC), the performance is ridiculously low compared to 295. Just moving the mouse uses 55% cpu, and it causes other screens to stutter (attached to a 550Ti). Is there anything I can to do narrow down the cause to resolve this?

It manifests even using just the 6200TC alone for a single rotated screen, without enabling the 550Ti and 2 extra screens.

Option "MetaModes" "string"
This option describes the combination of modes to use on each monitor when using TwinView or SLI Mosaic Mode.

Hmm, apparently rotation is not technically supported any longer except for TwinView or Mosaic Mode. The "Rotate" parameter has been removed since 295. ie, the 6200TC does NOT support the new generic "Transform" matrix, and it's probably all being done on the CPU now. Can this be confirmed that 6200TC doesn't really support rotation any longer?
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