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Default Re: Can't acces mah crysis pics :( Admin help me!

Crain, Id love to, but mah pc was stolen :/ and those expensive graphics cards to run crysis at my preferred settings are quite expensive and am outta foundings. All i sit by right now, is this dusty power Mac G4, with thousand gnäggahertz intel and this ja passive cooled geforce 4 :/ i can barely do Doom 3 at high settings

Guys, it's easy to be afterwise or postsmart or what you wanna call it. Those images are still working, but the link to them are gone, as my channel commentaries on my profile page here. Wasn't this a problem before too? But that it got fixed somehow?

The absense of my crysis shots is plauging me, haunting me, a great torment upon me soul. Some of those shots was really good tbh. I can't let a forum breakdown neglect my dreams. So I call out to the master and creator of this interwebz community to stretch out a helping hand and code some sh*t so this nightmare ends and I can cease the graphics and ease my withdrawal. Oh lord, can you hear me speak?
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