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Post MechWarrior Online will have an urban map: River City trailer

I don't know how many BattleTech novelizations you have on your shelf, but, well. I have enough to scare away potential wives. And enough to know that despite urban mech combat being a fixture of the fiction, that we haven't had proper mech-on-mech city warfare in a MechWarrior game since the franchise's inception.

That'll change, thank goodness. Armed with CryEngine, Piranha Games just pushed out a trailer showing River City, a happy little 31st century suburb you'll be fighting over. This is good news'the maps so far shown in MechWarrior Online (still in closed beta) have been variously open-ground: tundra, volcanic desert, or lakey forest. A cluttered map with streets, bridges, and rooftops should pave the way for new tactics. I'm going to march my Hunchback right up to city hall and give them a piece of my mind. Is there a city hall?

Here's our most recent MechWarrior Online preview. The game will be available sometime this year.

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