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Default Re: Support for X32 ABI

I recently moved back to 32-bit user space (kept the kernel 64-bit because of ZFSonLinux for the main desktop, which serves as file server as well, and its the same squashfs image that runs on all my systems to reduce the amount of maintenance I have to do). And memory consumption actually DOES make a big difference. With heavy weights like KDE, Firefox and thunderbird running, the reduction in memory usage is quite a bit. The system with 2GB (the max this laptop will take) does not feel sluggish anymore. I mean you can score 15% more on a benchmark but what's the point if the desktop is sluggish.

x32 can fill that benchmark gap and give the best of both worlds. But I am not very hopeful of it going anywhere. There are about 100 major packages (out of 1300 I use) which don't compile or compile wrongly with x32. Haven't seen anybody do anything serious about supporting x32. And, I am pretty sure that Nvidia would be the last company to do anything about x32....
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