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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Originally Posted by Iesos View Post
I tried changing clock source at boot, it only got rid of that message.

Activating MSI did some good, but the crash still seemed inevitable.

With taskset, one processor is locked up and a hard reboot is needed to get it back.

With persistence mode something new happened. The same nvidia errors, but the process was killable, and everything went back to normal. To tryi it out I tried to start the game again, and then VGL complained about opengl-something. Lost the message.

Is there any debugging mode for the nvidia module? Or some kernel setting that would help debugging this?
There is a debug level defined in os-interface.c. The code indicates that it defaults already to max debug level:

// The current debug display level (default to maximum debug level)
U032 cur_debuglevel = 0xffffffff;
I haven't looked more in depth at the code. Perhaps you need to define the DEBUG macro and rebuild the module for the debug level to take effect?

I wanted to see if nvidia would behave better with the new Xserver 1.13RC, so I tried it in Ubuntu 12.10 and after some shenanigans needed to get the deb package to install, can confirm that 304.37 still crashes on Xserver 1.13. One interesting side note was that for the first time ever the crashed process seemed to close down cleanly when I closed the frozen window - my CPUs even went down to the lowest frequency afterwards and all the wine processes vanished. But five minutes later when I returned to the computer it had locked with a blank screen, which may have been related to the crash.

As an aside, when I first tried it out on ubuntu 12.10, bumblebee loaded nouveau instead of nvidia, and it turned out it could run crysis2, albeit at slower framerates. Pity about the slower framerates, because it doesn't crash.
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