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Almost missed this game, then I saw the screen shots in the other thread. I am a HUGE GTA4 fan and am absolutely loving this game. Its like gta4.. in hong kong, but better character models and much better engine performance. I can pretty much max everything except AA, and I find the high res shadows gives me a hit id rather not have. I get like a solid 40-60fps with normal shadows and I like it.

I havn't had a chance to play any of the batmans yet so I am really digging the melee combat system. Where in GTA4 I loathed any melee combat, here I can't wait to get in a fist fight. Driving is also much better and its kinda nice that the game starts with you using a bike.. rather then the other way around. Music is also great stuff.. all kinda of chinese hits and even the slow songs play well, just like the transition scenes you find in HK drama flicks.

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
rented it for the 360. I cant imagine it would play well with mouse+kb.
It does play very well with mouse and keyboard EXCEPT driving. If you touch the mouse at all your camera sways WAY out of your driving direction. Thankfully the camera reacts nicely when just turning the car (something that GTA4 simply didn't do at all) so you can drive quite well without touching the mouse.

one thing does annoy me a little, when you breakout of the player control like for menus and hacking, events, the mouse is ignored and the game likes to have you hit the arrow keys or ENTER for things causing you to move your hand.
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