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Post Borderlands Coming Free to PlayStation Plus Users Next Week

Sony's online subscription service is about to get a little sweeter, as it has just been revealed that Gearbox'sBorderlandswill be available for free to all PS Plus subscribers.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the game will be available for free on the PlayStation Store starting September 4th. In addition, all of the game's add-on content will see a reduced price, allowing you to catch up on all thingsBorderlandsbefore the sequel's release in just a few more weeks.

Other games likeDaytona USAandGreed Corpwill be discounted on the 4th, whileLights, Camera, Party!, Space Channel 5: Part 2 and Spelunker HDwill be receiving price slashes starting tomorrow.

Month after month, Sony continues to support its audience by delivering stellar content through PlayStation Plus. If you aren't already a subscriber, you should really considering giving it a shot.

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