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Default Re: Issues: Unity 3D in Ubuntu 12.04 with 8800 GTS with nvidia driver 304.43 and earl

Originally Posted by Glassmaster View Post
As a software developer with a mailing list myself, I can see their side too. If they take an interest in the bug, great, if not, well I tried.

I browsed this forum a bit and it sounds like it has been a long and frustrating road for you in getting some attention to your issue.

Hey, the more the merrier! Assuming that they don't just send all email to the junk folder, the more people that report it, the better. And it does seem that more people are running into it with the latest drivers now, so maybe finally nvidia will wake up and take notice.

I do find it hard to believe that a company like nvidia don't have a proper bug reporting system that lets them interact with end users, though. These forums are fine if someone has a question about how to do something that the general community can fix (especially if the devs don't even bother reading the forums), but nvidia need a proper support mechanism for cases where there are bugs that only they can fix.
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