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Default weird opengl issue

Hi folks,

I have few issues with openGL applications which is kind of weird.The problem is when ever i open any openGL application,the application for some reason cannot refresh / draw the image onto the screen.The application tends to become extremely sluggish.Glxgears reports a FPS of 1-2.

I built this nvidia driver 302.17 for Quadro 4000 on a Xen DOMU kernel.Although the X and every thing else seems to work,its the openGL which doesn't work.'SYNC TO VBLANK' doesn't help.

Interestingly,when i change the card from Quadro 4000 to Quadro FX 3800 everything works well.Does any one have any pointers,why the openGL is broken on Quadro 4000?

Let me know if any more info is needed,perhaps 'glxinfo' will help ?
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