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Default M4A87TD EVO Memory slots fried?

Hello guys, long time no see.

I built a computer for a friend of mines brother in-law. He plays WoW religiously and works at a factory long hours. He is not computer illiterate. So he says that he'd be playing WoW for an extended amount of time and his graphics drivers would crash. Well he said it went off one night and when it restarted the screen would stay black. I figured when he told me this it was his graphics card. So before I could get over there to look at it ( I own a large company in this area and am very busy), he took matters into his own hands. He thought the RAM sticks (G.Skill Rip jaws 2x2GB) were the video card, and yanked them out while the computer was running. So when I got to look at it, I stuck my old 260 GTX in that I know that is good, turned it on. It beeps one long beep, then two short ones indicating that there is a memory problem. The board has a button designed to try different configurations I've pressed that, and nothing. So I went out and bought a DDR3 stick of PNY from best buy, just one figuring that maybe the RAM was fried, and to my surprise the PNY stick wasn't. So now I've got the pc here at my house, sent an email to asus. In the mean time was hopping maybe someone here could make a suggestion that would help...
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