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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for packing yourself to the countryside to hunt owlbeasts with a catapult. It's what I do every Sunday, and this one is no exception. ******* owlbeasts.
  • I could probably post something like this every week, but it amused me to see a mainstream UK newspaper commissioning their tech correspondent to help a 360-using reader work out how to build a gaming PC: 'I expect that if you asked a thousand gamers this question, you'd get at least a thousand different answers. There are so many different parts that the number of combinations is impossibly large. The answer also requires a balancing act, because your £1,000 budget will not enable you buy the top-rated components in many categories without making sacrifices elsewhere.' But to be fair, you can still build an insane PC for £1000. By contrast, check out Digital Foundry's £300 PC. (more?)

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