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Default Re: nvidia and the wayland display server

This just peaked my curiosity a few days ago and I just have to add to this.

Why wouldn't NVidia just support the Wayland protocol? Two major distros have already expressed interest in moving to Wayland (one, Fedora, being an upstream distro which will mean that OpenSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS will too get Wayland support), and the other being the upstream of most popular distro in the world right now (yeah, Mint is a spin of Ubuntu), if not being one of the most widely used Linux distro. Also, I expect it's popularity will surge since Valve is porting Steam on it.

Also, will NVidia adopt Gallium3D support to it's drivers? That would be very useful to gamers, since if I'm not mistaken, Gallium3D supports accelerated translation of DirectX and will allow Wine to benefit from a nice speed boost with Windows games. And in time, will not only be used in Wayland, but has also been said to perform better than a traditional Mesa3D implementation.
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