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Originally Posted by bobhuber View Post
AMD-FX 6100- GTX 550 Ti - 8/gig
I've been trying to take advantage of the DKMS function provided with the newer drivers but have not been able to get the newer drivers to remain stable. I have a GTX 550 Ti running Linux Mate (Gnome 3.4 shell) along with the latest 3.5.3 kernel on a dual monitor setup (Twinview) displaying the same screen on both monitors. The latest driver 304.43 loads and runs fine until I power off and restart the system. Then I get a screen flicker on boot and the screen is offset between the two monitors with no way to repair it other than reloading older (295.59) drivers which work just fine. I'm letting the driver install and update the xorg.conf file and have tried loading a stock 3.0.23 kernel thinking this may be the problem to no avail.
You probably have already done this, but I had horrible problems with the latest drivers UNTIL I selected the "CUSTOM" install AND SELECTED CLEAN INSTALL. I've always just installed the newest drivers right over top of the current drivers, and never had any trouble, but this time, the clean install was evidently necessary. I've had zero problems since. The fact that Nvidia has made doing a clean install as easy as selecting a box kind of makes it a no-brainer to clean install. I can't think of a reason NOT to anymore.
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