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Default Re: ** Official Dark Souls Thread ***

Using 360 controller. Infinitely better than kb+mouse IMO.

I'm past Londo at this point. Just finished the part with the stone dragon at Ash Lake and now crawling through the Catacombs.

Best advice if you haven't been there yet is in the palace secret treasure room (1st floor behind the fire place) where Havels armour is, if you kill the mimic chest it drops the occult club. Take that to the blacksmith with 200 souls, do modify weapon and downgrade it to Divine +5. If you kill the skeletons down in the catacombs with this (or any other "divine" weapon) they don't respawn.

The taurus demon is really easy if you kill the 2 archers up right above the doorway, run to initiate the fight then haul ass back, climb the ladder, hit him with a fireball or two and then switch back to your sword/whatever and do a jumping attack down onto him. Should knock a big chunk of his life away and then a few more hits and he'll go down. If you wait too long to jump down/attack, he'll jump up and fight you up over the door way.
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