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Default Re: Back in business!

Registered at rage but that place will never be the same home as this was. It is the other side of the fence and i haven't owned an AMD/ATI product in 10 years and most likely i'll never own one again. It's not about fanboyism or anything like that but once you get used to interfaces/features of one brand others tend to feel foreign.

Plus the fact that some of them (far from all) have gone out of their way to make the refugees from here feel as unwelcome as possible, even to the point of outright hostility. That fact alone has made me post a lot less than i used to here eventhough i was never a spammer.

I'll check in sometimes but the way most of us were treated by the management here isn't easily forgotten, sofar no apologies or explanations that has made any sense at all has been offered either. I don't have as much time now as i used to but cya guys around, be safe and take care.
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