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Default VDPAU JSC Sports (dvb hotbird 13E) mpeg2 problem

as the title says, vdpau is not able to decode properly JSC Sports mpeg2 sd broadcasts on hotbird 13E. All channels from that broadcaster show the same behaviour.

that problem has been there for quite some time, many months, but i haven't had time to report it.
I can't remember if it ever worked with vdpau, althouth i used to watch those channels without problems at some point and have been using vdpau since it was made public.

my recent tests show the error is present in 295.59, 302.17 and my current 304.43 drivers.

i have two different experiences with those streams :

- xine (vdpau of course, kaffeine dvb player) can decode the video but deinterlace does not work properly, without deint the decoding looks fine.

- mplayer2 ffmpeg12vdpau, can't decode the stream at all, with or without deint, demux lavf does not seem to help.
with -vc ffmpeg2, the stream is decoded properly.

i have uploaded the required files, sample and logs, to under the name tag "vdpau-JSCSports+3-20120907_..."

i will also email nvidia as mentionned in other posts.
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