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Default Re: Obama: 54.5 Miles per Gallon by 2025

Originally Posted by Cream View Post
I think it's a case of they have to do something, Consumers clearly arn't willing to do it, So they will have to force manufacturers to implement it.
I'm sure it won't all be bad news, Electric cars while not having the performance at the moment will soon give a good performace boost while increasing the fuel efficiency of a car.
Why hydrogen isn't being looked into more I'm not sure, That stuff is everywhere :-)

BTW I'm not a eco warrior, Currently drive a Subaru impreza WRX 265bhp and 348Nm torque.
WHY do they have to do something? If oil is cheap, burn the crap out of it! Again- let the market decide. There's not a lot of downside to the stuff, assuming we can get a pretty hefty stable supply of it in the US and/or friendly/stable countries.

Hydrogen is everywhere, but it's expensive to use. Because it's so reactive most of it is chemically bound up in some stable molecule- like water- which means it takes a lot of energy to produce the stuff. It's also tough to store, and it's even tougher to store in a way that's as energy dense as gasoline.
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