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Default 64bit + SMP + GeForce 5600 SE/XTQ + SuSe 9.0 = No Worky

The title pretty much says it all, I've worked on this for more hours than I'd like to admit.

I have a dual Opteron MSI K8T Master2 with 1GB registered RAM and a Albatron 256 MB 5600 SE (XTQ) video card running on 64-bit SuSe 9.0.

I tried a normal install. (makes & make installs & restart X.) That failed.

Following SuSe x86_64 9.0 instructions (EXACTLY what I have) also failed (?!).

If anyone has any ideas on how I can resolve this, I'd be very appreciative.

Right now, my machine is running in FB mode and drops frames when trying to watch a DVD. GLX also doesn't load, X can't find it. Oh, I also tried 'make dep' in my current source tree to boost the modules' accuracy in making and that failed; and when I include the SYSINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include, like the docs said, that also failed, but crazy warnings/errors from GCC.

Well, it's 6am time for bed!


-- Inchoate
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