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Originally posted by nyeby
1- I already have the
2- I've unninstalled the 5328 drivers
3- i don't know which are the kernel source files <<--------
Hello nybey,

you find out your kernel version by typing
# uname -r
the result shoul be something like:
get your kernel-source file (the same like your kernel... ;-) ) and install it like all the ohter software (should be availabile on your CDs, or in the web)
(for me it was kernel-source-2.4.22-10mdk)

then switch to runlevel 3 and unsintall the nvidia drivers (also the 4363 ones)
# init 3
# nvidia-installer --uninstall

when it's compleated reinstall the 4363 drivers, you'll be told that there's a kernel module to be recompiled -> that's ok!

after that all should work!
you have the possibility to update the driver (nividia-installer --update) but
DON'T do this, or you' ll have to start again!

I hope I can help!
Greetings, Sarco
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