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Default 5328 corrupts virtual console (framebuffer)

Just tried upgrading from 4496 to 5328 and have discovered the following 2 issues:

1. Using 5328, whenever I switch to one of the Linux virtual consoles (ct-alt-Fx), the resulting text console is corrupted.

Typically, I just get a set of vertical black-and-white bars going across the screen, with no text visible. If I log in "blindly", then the corruption disappears and I get my standard text console. In fact, all the other text consoles are simultaneously "cured" until I go back into X which then causes all the consoles to revert to their corrupted state.

From googling, it seems that this may be some type of framebuffer problem.

Note, if I go back to 4496, then everything works perfectly again, suggesting that the problem is a driver one. (The only difference between the two installations is that for 4496, I had to use "export CC=gcc32" due to the known Fedora Core1 gcc incompatibility)

I am running Fedora Core/Linux 2.4.22 with a GF4600 board on a 19" Dell LCD with an ASUS p4pe board and a P4-2.53 cpu.

Note that /proc/fb is an empty file (both under 4496 and 5328).

2. I also note that glxgears drops from about 5000 fps to 4500 fps under the new version
Fedora Core6/Linux 2.6.x
nVidea driver: 9631
Asus P4PE motherboard
Intel P4 2.8GHz
1.5GB PC2700 DDR Kingston
Leadtek Ultra A250 GF4 4600 128MB with VIVO/TVO
WinFast TV2000XP Deluxe
Dell 1901FP 19" LCD
Antec 400W Power Supply
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