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Default Re: Torchlight II ...

Ditto here..after about 60 combined levels and killing diablo many times, I just couldn't bring myself to shuffle through it much more. I pretty much went back to alt leveling in wow. I think it was a big mistake to allow the user to complete the game so easily, and with so little content. I got diablo 3 free just for WoWs yearly membership (I still play end game with my guild.. if you call farming and selling mounts end game activities anyways. -_-) so I am not quite as slighted as others who did, but I imagine I would have been.

I prolly will not get into torchlight 2, aside from the fact I don't really want to play something that is simply more of diablo 1/2/3+, but also guild wars II is hell bent on taking all my available time away from what will soon be mist of pandaria.
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