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Default Re: "Why Iím uninstalling Windows 8" Article

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
I am damn very impressed with Windows 8 so far. Microsoft did very good job to make it the future direction of Windows.

I completed upgraded my PC from Phenom II 940 to Core i7 3770K last week when I noticed something really very fascinated. I backed up data to spare hard drive before upgraded the new hardware and used the same internal 2TB hard drive with 2 partitions loaded with Windows 7 and 8 in it. I was about to formatted the hard drive but I decided to booted Windows 7 first with logo bootscreen then see what happened so it went BSOD because of new hardware changed from AMD motherboard to Intel motherboard, I expected the same thing with Windows 8.

When booted Windows 8 and the logo bootscreen came up to configured getting the devices ready, it last 10 secs to reached 100% then it restarted and Windows 8 booted until it reached lockscreen, I logged in and went in desktop to checked Device Manager confirmed new hardware changed to Intel CPU, Intel motherboard and DDR3 memory went smoothly and everything worked perfect with all apps ran flawless without BSODs.

Few days ago I noticed one device called PCI Simply Communications Controller Windows 8 cant find driver for it so it turned out to be Intel Management Engine Interface so I found latest Windows 8 driver online and installed then restarted and noticed something very fascinated, after restarted I wasn't at ASUS UEFI logo bootscreen but actually on Windows 8 logo bootscreen then reached locksreen. Wow with the driver saw Windows 8 had very fast 5 secs reboot.

So you don't need to worry about change new motherboard and CPU with Windows 8 that you don't ever needed to backup data, reinstall Windows 8 or format hard drive.

It time to say farewell Windows 7, Windows 8 is the future.
You sound so much like you work for MS. How often people have to do what you did?.. what if the hard drive crashes? still need to use a backup.

I think I will wait for windows 9
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