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Post Professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player clinches tournament win with X-ray kills

Wow. Like any sport, the scores of grizzled and battle-trained gaming teams competing in tournaments and championships offer chances to observe spectacular upset victories and displays of superhuman prowess. Here's a tip: If you ever see a player named 'Noppo' during your Counter-Strike 1.6 sessions, flee. Confused? Check out this video of the deciding match for the Asia eSports Cup featuring Noppo's team myRevenge and a hilarious disregard for vision-obscuring walls. More details inside.

After losing two team members early on in the classic de_nuke map, Noppo hunkered down beside one of the bomb sites and pulled off a spectacular five-kill ace sealing the win for myRevenge. This is the crazy part: three of those kills were through walls. See, Noppo capitalized on Counter-Strike's 'wallbang' feature: bullet penetration through certain surfaces. An edited X-ray video ' complete with appropriately freaking out Japanese casters ' reveals Noppo's unreal accuracy in finer detail.

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