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Unhappy Nvidia drivers and Suse 8.2

I've been using Suse 8.2 and the new NVidia kernel installer for a while now but recently, YOU (YAST Online Update) provided Linux kernel patches and now I can't get the NVidia installer to work.

If I install NVidia before YOU, I can't run Xwindows. I ran SAX2 too and made the proper changes to my XFREE86Config file but I still couldn't run Xwin

If I try to install NVidia after YOU, the Nvidia installer says there is no compiler interface for my present kernel and can't find header source files for my current kernel to compile Nvidia drivers with (even though I leave source files on the hard drive after YOU finishes). I've tried downloading what I believe are the source files for the Linux kernel patch from the Suse web sight but the installer says they are not the source for my current linux kernel.

I have also posted this issue to Suse tech support

Current kernel: 2.4.20-64GB-SMP
OS: Suse 8.2
Video Card: GeforceFX 9600 Ultra
System: IS7 motherboard w/ 1GB memory, 2.8GHz processor w/800MHz FSB

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