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Default Asus Company is trash.

I will never buy another Asus product. I diagnosed a problem with my buddies board. Something with the memory slots being fried. I sent the board back, this has been overclocked. They send me an email three weeks later with a picture on the back of the board near the CPU back heatsink. The picture to me looks like someone took a screw driver and scratched the **** out of the board. They said it was trace damage an that kind of damage occurs from overclocking. The board had some built in features that I purposely disabled to avoid having to keep coming over and adjusting stuff. Like the adaptive overclocking features.

The first time I called on the 18th. I was told the board was covered under warranty and still good. He went on to say, they were just trying to locate another board, and it would be shipped out within 48 hours of locating it.

So I called back today after getting the email on the 24th. I explained that I had previously talked to someone and what all he said. I told him the board had been there for three weeks. He gave me some bs about how the first thing they do is visually inspect it. He then contradicted himself by saying that the guy I talked to at the time told me the right answer. Some how three days after talking to that guy, someone visually inspected it (again) and found the trace damage. The 24th I got an email with the picture of the damage, and two days to send them a payment of 90 dollars. This board is already outdated, and for the same price they are asking, I could buy a better board. I kept asking to speak with a manager, or someone higher up. All he could do was give me the policy on RMA, then he tried to say it could of been the shipping companies fault. I asked him if the box had any holes in it, he said no it was sealed and packed when it got there. So there is absolutely no way it is the shipping companies fault. At this point I am mad. I told him the first board I had ordered from newegg from the get go didn't even last a week, and I had to send it back to newegg. He apologizes and gives me the policy again . I just hung up.

So moral of the story stay away from Asus. I will also note that I live in Indiana. The place that I had to ship this board to was less then two hours away, in the same state. It made there literally the next day. How it took them three weeks to get all this information together is beyond me. I'll be sticking with EVGA and other companies. Amazing how companies are so quick to try and get out of warranty claims.

*Update* I posted this on their forums it was deleted twice, third time it went unnoticed by the admins I guess because it stayed up thus far. I sit in their chat hoping maybe they were based some where else and could possibly get me on the right track, however the chat was always busy. I sit there for hours leaving my computer on the page and even going out to come back and find I was still in some "line" and they called their chat guys "Engineers"... So I guess the engineers were busy for three days in a row, because I refreshed the page rejoined the chat several times.

I will make a complaint on BBB. This is BS. I have ordered a MSI board with better features for 79.99. I will never buy nothing Asus. I found a newegg post where some guy got a 680 that was bad, and he complained about them not having anymore in stock. So instead of refunding his money they made this guy wait 3 weeks till they got more in stock to send him. Whats worse is a newegg representative commented on that post apologizing and telling him he was just going to have to wait. That is awful customer service. Their website is slower then any website I've ever been on, and many parts of it are broken. The only good thing I can say is when I called them the second time I did get an American that spoke clear English.
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