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Default Re: Random crashes, NVRM Xid messages

Ok, lsmod doesn't find any modules matching 'thermal'.

Apart from the almost immediate nvidia crash yesterday when I ran it from a btrfs partition, it crashed once more later on after approx 20 minutes of playing CoDMW1 (running from an ntfs partition and using kernel 3.6-rc7, if that's relevant). Generally, 304.51 does seem to be more stable than earlier 30x releases. (I'm not using the boot parameter because it didn't make any difference earlier.)

My guess would be that the nvidia module isn't handling interrupts properly (since it does sometimes report an interrupt issue and, if not, why would disabling acpi thermal control or running off different partitions make a difference?) but hopefully they made some changes in 304.51 that have alleviated the situation. Maybe they actually tested it on a newer kernel this time?
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