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Post Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video shows eight minutes of multiplayer blasting

Black Ops 2?s future setting moves its gruff warrior sorts into a world that's used to drone warfare, but hasn't invented awesome laser cannons yet. That lets Treyarch weave a pleasantly paranoid plot in the single player campaign without jeopardising the great golden goose that is CoD's multiplayer mode. I imagine Call of Duty devs are quietly terrified of messing around with that world-winning formula too much, which is why the eight minutes of multiplayer scooped by IGN look so darn familiar. The appearance of a little robot 5:44 in livens things up a little, though.

What do you think? Has Black Ops 2?s new setting, zombie campaign mode, polished up PC version and open character design system convinced you to give it a try when it comes out in November?

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