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Cool Re: Official Max Payne 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
me too. i think some of these people expect a game to change their life or bring them some higher enlightenment. I'll stick with just enjoying the time I take to play through them and possibly some multiplayer. I think some people just need to get out more, I mean buying adult diapers and a hat with can holder with straws in anticipation of Diablo 3 is a problem - YOU ARE THE PROBLEM though, not the game....
We're a generation that grew up with 8/16bit consoles, and by our teenage years we're slap bang in the middle of Moore's Law ramping up graphics and gaming experiences exponentially. Game budgets, quality and therefore our views of them took quantum leaps every 2 years.

Since then, the whole thing has slowed down some what. The big PC franchises aren't shipping in the numbers they used to, Mobile and Social is where the money is, leaving the hardcore gamers expecting but never getting that quantum leap.

Also, a 12 year old is much easier to impress than a 22 year old.

I'm pushing 30 and barely have time or the energy to invest in a game... and I loved Max Payne 1 & 2. Max Payne 3, I've enjoyed. I thought it would be worse. But I like it... and that's OK.
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