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Talking got it working..yaaaaay!!

today is a happy day for mankind...well at least for this man. after 3 days of trying to get the nvidia drivers to work, i fiiiiiiiiinally got it. the fix?..well as always it was something easy/hard to figure out. i did a kernel recompile, only this time i made gd sure to enable agp support. if you go into the `Character devices' -> `/dev/agpgart (AGP support)', you'll notice a list of agp chipsets. all i had to do was enable the chipset that pertains to me (`Generic SiS Support') in my case. I put a yes on that suckah, did a recompile, n away I was. well, not at first. i went to fire up X, i was yet AGAIN getting the same problem (X would halt at a blank, black screen). fed up i decided to just leave the gd thing and go on a beer run. well, upon returning to my domain, i noticed something different..something reeeeeeally different. X was actually running. i ran quake3 just to make sure, n beautifully it ran. the only problem i had now was that it was taking it about 5 mins to load X. well sticking "Option" "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "DFP, TV" into my XF86Config file sure as hell fixed that problem up. gd..i feel like i just got laid for the first time. anywho, there it was. i think this is definately something NVIDIA should put into their readme file, seeing as this seems to be a popular problem among many people (the enabling AGP support in the kernel). anywho, im happy now...time to start playing with the various nvidia options in the XF86Config. see what this puppy can do.

Thanks everyone for the input!!

PS, attached is my config for anyone who's interested.
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