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Default New KISS Album - Monster

I'm a huge KISS fan so I had to make a topic.

The album is out today on CD, vinyl, and Itunes.

Itunes has an extra bonus track.

If you are a fan of this band or this kind of music, GET THIS ALBUM. It's very good.

01 - Hell Or Hallelujah
02 - Wall Of Sound
03 - Freak
04 - Back To The Stone Age
05 - Shout Mercy
06 - Long Way Down
07 - Eat Your Heart Out
08 - The Devil Is Me
09 - Outta This World
10 - All For The Love Of Rock & Roll
11 - Take Me Down Below
12 - Last Chance
13 - Right Here, Right Now (Itunes bonus)


Here's the official Universal Music posting of my favorite song from the album:

Also the official posting of the single on Youtube:
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