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Default Re: Warning from NVIDia with ubuntu 12.04

Yeah, I found this first-hand. I never got any kind of warning, but I can't create an OpenCL context from terminal app. When I CTRL-ALT-F1 to tty1, log in, run the same app there, it corrupts a bit of the screen but the program succeeds. When I switch back to X, I can run the app in terminal successfully. Eventually, it reverts to being unable to create a context.

Is very stupid, IMHO.

I'm coming from 10.04, and I have found that I hate Unity, but MATE pulled most of my Gnome 2 settings.

I am writing an OpenCL app that aims to have platform-independent code (i.e. OpenCL, 32-64-bit agnostic), but my laptop has nVidia 8400M GS and recently upgraded to 12.04. Wasn't an issue until I wanted to program OpenCL.

Torvalds nailed it.
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