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Default Re: Obama: 54.5 Miles per Gallon by 2025

Obama is using legislation to solve an economic problem. Interesting, it's a policy that will really play into the polarised political sphere that is the US. The coasts will love it. The tea party will feel it violates the constitution in some way.

I can't see those with a pick up, who enjoy hunting, particularly liking this requirement. Although there doesn't appear to be any law against owning an older vehicle, it will just become progressively more expensive. Like owning a car from the 90s is now...

We've already passed peak oil and global net consumption is being driven up by the BRICs (especially China) so oil is only going to get more expensive. The real problems are energy independence and security. These can only be solved with investment. Investment in the current economy is hard to come by, since we wasted all the good times money on tax cuts, Washington pork, and trying to fix the middle east.

I'm waiting to see an impressive move from efficiency to new sources of energy. It took a while for the combustion engine to replace steam, but by the 1930s you could really see it. I wonder what 2030 will look like for alternative energy sources?
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