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Default Video playback statters after power resume with 304.51 driver

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with xorg-edgers PPA (304.51 driver). I noticed that when I play videos after my computer has been suspended and then resumed, the video playback is not working very smooth. Namely every few seconds the video stutters. It's not a drastic video playback stuttering, but it is noticable, and very anoying. I'm using SMplayer with vdpau, but it's same without vdpau, and same happens in VLC. If I do a complete restart, the stuttering is gone. Until the next suspend and resume.

I have NVidia GT 240 graphic card.

Did anyone else notice this problem? Is it possible that it is a synhronization problem as the monitor frequency reported by the NVidia X Server settings tool is 59.88Hz instead od 60
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