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Post The Walking Dead Season 3: brain-hungry walkers aren't the only concern

Warning: This post'and likely its comment thread'contain speculation and potential spoilers.

The moment nine million of us have been waiting for is finally here: tomorrow, 9pm, Walking Dead Season 3 (S3).

Let's get logistics out of the way first. The show is riding under the new management that righted the ship during the second half of last season. Viewership is at an all-time high and never waned throughout. This is the first season where we know beforehand another one is on the way, even if it hasn't technically been confirmed. And like season 2, season 3 will consist of two eight-episode runs.

Inherently, those parameters will shape what we get possibly more than the comics themselves. We'll have untraditional peaks and valleys in the season's narrative(seeBreaking Bad S4 v. S5). There's less pressure on the creative team to feed fans what they want in order to sustain ratings and secure an additional order of episodes. That means showrunner Glen Mazzara should have the freedom to further explore his team's vision, hinted at in the latter half of S2. (He comes fromThe Shield's coaching tree so to speak, so this is a good thing.)

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