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Question Problems starting X with Nvidia Card


I am wondering if someone could please take the time to help me. I just installed Mandrake 9.2 . I then tried to start x. This did not work, so I
wen to the Nvidia website, and using wget downloaded the drivers for Linux.
First I downloaded driver number 4496, because I had this link from before (I had a similar problem with Red Hat)
I tried to install it, but it didn't work, it gave me this whole thing about how it could not find the headers for my kernel, and that it could nto find it on
Nvidia's FTP server. I went to the Nvidia website were I cam across a newer looking driver, number 5328.
I got this and installed, and the installation worked.

This is where my problem is: I figured startx would work now, only it doesn't.
I get this error:
"Error: API mismatch:
The NVIDIA kernel module is version 1.0.4496, but this X module is version 1.0.5328 .
Please be sure that your kernel and all Nvidia driver files have the same driver version."

Also, I did edit the XF86Config file, but it already said nvidia for driver. I also put in Load "GLX" but that just gave me a seperate error when I did startx,
so I took it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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