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Default Re: New Drivers Out 310.14

Originally Posted by RUSTY View Post
Added support for the "Backlight" RandR output property for configuring the brightness of some notebook internal panels.
This does not work on my system any more.
After updating to this new driver, the brightness control does not work any more.
The notbook display is very dark, nearly unreadable.

I use a HP Compaq 8710w notebook with a quadro fx 1600 builtin nvidia card.

With driver 304.51 everything was fine.
I could adjust brightness with the appropriate keys on the notebook keyboard.

it seems, that with driver 304.51 the nvidia-driver or the X system (i don't know) thinks, that the notebook display has no backlight/brightness-control, because the command "xrandr --verbose" shows:
LVDS-0 connected 1680x1050+0+0 (0x27b) normal (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 365mm x 228mm
        Identifier: 0x27a
        Timestamp:  8936
        Subpixel:   unknown
        Gamma:      1.0:1.0:1.0
        Brightness: 1.0
and the brightness is at it's maximum.

but with this new driver xrandr also shows a backlight range value from 0 - 100. but even when set to 100 the notebook display remains dark and the appropriate keys on the notebook keyboard do nothing.

so for me, it would be better, if this new support for the "Backlight" RandR output property will be removed....
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