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Default Re: SLI - SFR troubles

I just updated to the 310.14 driver. So far, the issue I described no longer happens (so far... been on it several hours now) in KDE. It does, however, still happen when I start Torchlight II in wine... that's the only time a game has ever done this, and it only happens on the first splash screen and stops as soon as I click a mouse button.

Now this is interesting. I had tried both vsync enabled and disabled before, and as long as I was in SFR mode, I got this weird behavior with the bottom half/third of the screen sometimes not showing windows and only showing wallpaper. However, with the new driver, this stops happening as long as vsync is disabled. Enabling vsync causes the behavior. This is very interesting...

As a side note, my performance is *much* better with SLI enabled in games. There is an advantage to SLI in Linux now.
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