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Default Quadro NVS 420 Capabilities

I am interested in getting a quad monitor set-up going.

I currently have a dual monitor set-up with a GT8600 (on Mageia) with two 1920 x 1080 monitors in landscape mode. I also have a couple of slightly older HP monitors that I would like to hook up in portrait mode, would be really cool if I could have those monitors for things like PDFs.

It looks like the NVS 420 will do four monitors, but I am not quite clear whether I could have two monitors rotated through ninety degrees and two in normal orientation. Does anyone know whether the Linux drivers give me this capability please?

The nvidia-settings two monitor version does not seem to give me that possibility. The kRandR settings would if I was running the nouveau driver I think (it certainly does with Intel cards).

Also, how loud are the fans on modern cards. I have used passive cards for several years as the fans on older cards were annoyingly loud.

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